Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hand Sewing

I have been stitching up a storm lately! I got commissioned to embroider a wedding handkerchief as a gift to the bride by her sister. That's the hydrangea with initials. And I finally managed to get my act together in time to do a stitchalong with feelingstitchy! It's a cute little girl named "Little Lemon Slice." Her skirt looks like a lemon slice! Oh no. Now I want to make the skirt for myself.
Anyway, I decided to make her "Little Lime Slice" and stitch her in greens because there are lime trees all over down here in Houston (including one in a pot on my back porch). Well...
along the way the ovalish bits of her skirt turned into avocado slices. So now she's "Little Avocado Lime Slice" I should just call her Gudrun Guacamole and get it over with! Have a lovely day everyone!
Blessed be the Lord who gives all good things.


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