Monday, September 21, 2009

I Ween!

No, this blog has nothing to do with nursing (that would be I Wean!).

This blog is about (surprise surprise) Peter and James!
Peter's vocabulary is expanding like, well, something that expands really fast.
We are having to watch what we say more carefully for we never know when Peter will echo us:
"fat guy?"
"cut me off?"
"can't you drive?"
and of course the ever popular stereotypical...."why?"
My favorite is when he accomplishes anything he feels pleased about (a hop, finding a letter, ramming two cars together), he celebrates a victory by shouting: "I Ween!" often with both fists in the air and tiny index fingers pointing stubbily to the ceiling.
Corrie gave me what may have been a compliment her charming back handed way (back of the hand - like a slap eh?) "Peter is the most stereotypical two year old I've ever seen."
Thank you?
Maybe her spiritual gift isn't encouragement.

I'm just teasing Corrie. You didn't hurt my feelings, I thought it was really funny.

Last week, while I was in the bathroom (don't worry this won't be gross) - I had the door locked. Which may be why Peter doesn't know the word "door". He thinks the thing that swings closed on hinges is a "doorlock". Anyway I was in the bathroom and recieved indelible proof of the reader culture that Mark, James and I are demonstrating for Pete. He began to send me books under the crack of the door.
"Here you go Mommy!"
I recieved all seven of the Chronicles of Narnia, and a pamphlet by John Piper on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Lest you think that I was in there for a long time (with the door locked and my 2 year old unattended)- they were all stacked next to the bathroom door, and were fired through there in a matter of minutes. It was rather exciting for me too.

I started cutting out fabric that Corrie brought me from L.A.'s fabric district. And in saying so I make this the 3rd blog (I think, unless I missed one by Barbara) about fabric bought on ONE TRIP! And I wasn't even there! I think that's cool. I decided to try and match the pattern across seam lines, so I had to cut the fabric all wonky, and not in an efficient space-saving method at all. Still, the skirt looks groovy so far.
However Peter decided that since his Mom was bent practically double on the ground doing tedious work with scissors, ruler, and pencil - this was a good time to go climb on her back! Poor kiddo. I didn't do much fun with him today. I plan to make it up to him tomorrow.

My fabric is a big bold black and white print, with funky modern flowers. It rocks! You picked really well Corrie. By the way Corrie, although you mentioned that you bought fabric, you didn't show us a lovely pic of what you got like Rachel. Tsk Tsk (I love pitting bloggers against each other!) Please remedy that!

Good night all