Monday, June 6, 2011

Been doing a lot this week! I can't believe it's finally the last week of school. My mother's birthday was on Monday so I drew her a little cake on a card.

I also started making all these pillows. The Bethlehem Star pillow is for me. I made the star over a year ago just to see if I could. I had grand plans to make a picture entirely sewn out of fabric that would incorporate the star. Then I realized I wouldn't want to hang something like that on my wall! So finally, I have a completely normal, completely lovely accent pillow for my couch. And it has a little lace on the back. Just 'cause. The two pillows in the bottom picture are some I made for my mother's birthday. It's an amazing Schumacher fabric. It was so beautiful - it was quilted with tiny little diamonds, and over this beige background, was stitched a "center border" motif with loops and flowers. I placed the center of the motif more on the side on my pillows so you could see some flowers too. My sister gave me a great big sample rectangle and it all went on these pillows.

Here are some shots of the bulletin board I painted several weeks ago. It's very aqua. I'm still getting used to it. I gave myself a little pat on the back for choosing a reddish orange for the accent. It's just out of my comfort zone. I like that bit. I'm sorry the pictures are so small. When I shrink them and make a tiled arrangement it helps me upload them. I drew the stencil but ended up only cutting out a few bits. I stencilled the bits on, and then added the rest by hand, like all those tiny leaves. There's a little butter-moth in the corner that ended up being covered by the calendar. This is the only spot in the house I can really put the calendar and still write on it. I'm keeping lists and a couple of bible verses on there too.

I'm so excited! On Sunday after church we are going to Dallas-Fort Worth to visit my parents (Granny & Grandfather) and my mom's dad (Papa Pete!). Papa and my Mom have planted a large vegetable garden - something my kids don't have any experience with. I am super-excited!

To Do before I go:

Finish all projects for My and Rebecca's secret project.

Sew a dress out of white eyelet (this was supposed to be for Easter, and then Mother's Day. I am determined to wear it this summer. Determined.)

Make invitations for Peter's birthday out of origami paper, blank cards, and a photoshopped Team UmiZoomi picture.

Let the madness begin. (As in crazy, not angry - hopefully!)