Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello my nearly a dozen followers! I thought I'd post a picture of a quilt I'm "working" on for Phillip. By "working" I mean it's about half quilted and has been sitting in it's hoop under the table by my nursing chair for about two months. But now that I've made two shirts (almost) and two pairs of underwear and a skirt (still needs hemming) maybe I can get back in the mood to hand quilt.

The color of the green is really hard to capture. The embroidered square in the first photo can be seen in the upper RH corner of the second photo. It is of the same fabric I used for Phillip's little coming home pinafore - in the third photo (there's a tiny appliqued brown bear on that).

The blue in the quilt is really a tiny gingham, oh yes it was used as the edging for Rosie's dress which I just realized I never blogged! The darkest red is really a calico that I used on Mom's oven mitt for Christmas. The green baby-buggy fabric was a gift at my baby shower (where it was also the table cloth!). As you can see, there's not a single solid in there. Two kinds of polka dots, YES! No florals, three plaids, and my favorite, the circus fabric. I tried to fussy cut the circus fabric but it was just the wrong size square to look it's best that way. A little bigger, or a little smaller would've been better. The size of the square was decided by the smallest scrap that I really wanted to use and I hate sewing really tiny squares so - oh well. I love it. It came out looking way more sophisticated, random, and homey than my quilts seem to do.

So I really like it. Now to finish that hand-quilting!