Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Payday Thankful

Today was payday in our family. Payday always reminds me of how hard my husband works for us. It reminds me that I am not jobless - on the contrary I have a very important job. It is: doing all the things in the home that need doing! Payday reminds me that one of my jobs is making my husband feel like all his hard work is worth it! Or to put it another way, I'm in charge of rewards!

Somehow it's hard to remember during the lean weeks at the end of the month that our home still needs to be rewarding. I want to go into housework hibernation and sleep 'til the next payday since I don't get to do any rewarding grocery shopping.

I'm so thankful today that we can afford to have TWO chickens boiling away in our stewpot. I'm so thankful that I could afford my favorite (purple) shampoo. I'm so thankful that I could afford to splurge a little and buy some beautiful purple flowers for our home. Of course best of all is that I get to do all this with our two year old!

Instead of a homily at this point. I'll leave you with an illustrated favorite quote from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


As all the kids and all the teachers went back to school, Dallas was still experiencing freezing temperatures. To the disappointment of the kids it was very dry so there was no snow, no ice (except on parts of the roads - boring), and no school delay.

But while collecting deadwood for our fireplace I found a phenomenon I'd never seen in Texas before. I'm sure it's happened before - I've just never seen it. For all of you that have experienced this sort of thing lots of times feel free to laugh at us. (We'll laugh back when ya'll have droughts) Here are the boys enjoying the frozen creek (ditch).

Other pictures are of the lake. The water lapped up onto the branches making giant tear-drop shapes and encasing twigs in a lacquer of ice. It reminds me of when the Pevensie children were visiting the Beaver's House in Narnia. Lewis said the water was frozen in fantastical shapes. Now I know he said it was frozen as if it froze all at once, and this is not what he meant - but I'm a Texan and frozen anything is rather exotic. James brought home a big piece frozen around a twig that was all spheres and roundedness.

The creek appeared to have frozen while it was full. Then the water drained away from under the ice leaving a glassy roof over the pebbly bottom. James had a lot of fun breaking that ice. He even walked across some of the ice that still had water underneath. Peter wanted to walk over all the ice everywhereWe were able to see the air bubbles floating around under there. No fish - it was just a ditch. !

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunshine and Shadow

Amish quilters have a pattern they call "Sunshine and Shadow." When you see the quilt it's an obvious name because it's made of lights and darks, yet the name has a deeper meaning. Everyone's life is made of sunshine and shadow, and as any quilter knows, without the darks, the lights aren't nearly as pretty. This pretty much sums up my week.
Sunshine: On Monday I woke up with lots energy for cleaning the house, and I did! I did five minute room rescues, I windexed, I vacuumed, I decluttered the kitchen a little, I even wiped down the toilet! Then Peter and I ran errands and visited friends. Incidentally, while we were visiting my friend Biak, she told someone I was her grandmother. A lovely woman named Nee, explained to me that in their culture the word grandmother means lovely, that Biak says I am her "lovely", her "grandmother." I still don't really get all this, but it's exciting to be a grandmother this young! Peter and I did all this AND got home in time to find:

More Sunshine: My mother unexpectedly visited bringing me firewood! Yay for Mom, yay for firewood! She hung around a little, and got to hear Peter talk a lot. Usually he's lost in James' chatter and everyone else's talking. She got to hear him say

"I go potty a little tiny bit!",
and after she invited us to Chic-fil-A
"We go EAT! You come with us Granny?"

Shadow: James had gotten in a little trouble at school (I later decided - unfairly) and on the way home committed the unpardonable sin of asking if he could invite a friend over for his birthday - IN FRONT OF THE FRIEND! Mark had to stay late to get some work done -but those shadows were slight.

Sunshine: The next day - not so much get-up-and-clean energy, but still I "juned" around and we went to the library. Mark was home for dinner and all was well.

Shadow: The big one loomed on Wednesday - Peter woke up from his nap half-covered in throw up. This is the second grossest thing to have your child covered in. All the bedding went in the washer eventually (it took three loads), and he had a bath right then. But he threw up two more times. I don't mean to complain, especially in light of a little girl I know who has a fever, cough, earache, and won't drink any fluids - poor baby. The last shadow is that my sister Rebecca is moving away today - literally driving north as I type. And it's not even that I'm going to miss her - which I will - but that I'm jealous that she's getting to go live in a whole new place with snow! It's an adventure! But you know it all made me really grateful for Monday.

A little more Sunshine: Peter is doing much better today. Mark will be home soon hopefully. But the biggest beam of light is that this is a three-day weekend for him (Monday is off) and being together is always nice.