Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Payday Thankful

Today was payday in our family. Payday always reminds me of how hard my husband works for us. It reminds me that I am not jobless - on the contrary I have a very important job. It is: doing all the things in the home that need doing! Payday reminds me that one of my jobs is making my husband feel like all his hard work is worth it! Or to put it another way, I'm in charge of rewards!

Somehow it's hard to remember during the lean weeks at the end of the month that our home still needs to be rewarding. I want to go into housework hibernation and sleep 'til the next payday since I don't get to do any rewarding grocery shopping.

I'm so thankful today that we can afford to have TWO chickens boiling away in our stewpot. I'm so thankful that I could afford my favorite (purple) shampoo. I'm so thankful that I could afford to splurge a little and buy some beautiful purple flowers for our home. Of course best of all is that I get to do all this with our two year old!

Instead of a homily at this point. I'll leave you with an illustrated favorite quote from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.


  1. I love that illustration! Thanks for sharing!

  2. from someone who held you when you were a baby in Pensacola (i got to your blog thru your dad's blog)...enjoyed your comments...especially that you were in the rewards business


  3. you are so sweet.