Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things Around Here

Lots of things have been happening around here. James had two birthdays on at Cici's Pizza on the actual day, for which I don't yet have pictures. Then we planned another for Friday, a sleepover. Unfortunately none of the three friends he invited came. James invited a different friend and I think he had a pretty good time. It wasn't all-singing all-dancing or anything but I think it was memorable.

It was supposed to be a robot-themed birthday party. For second graders I think most of the fun of the theme is picking it out and telling your friends "I'm having a robot birthday!" We sent out robot invitations (to the people who didn't come) and I made a robot cake. With, yes, gray icing. Plates and cups were silvery gray too. Then we went down to the city to see the buildings! They wouldn't let go up in Reunion Tower. The observation deck is closed for renovations. We saw a pretty fountain, and the boys ran down a hill. Simple joys.

I have a problem. Mark is taking me to an evening concert at the Meyerson, and I'm excited but I don't have any evening wear that fits me. I'm trying to find something simple to make.

I called Rebecca and she told me to play up my neck and my legs. I love sisters.
I'm leaning toward the skirt (I would make it longer) because I have a great blouse to go with it. The problem is, that I like sweet, romantic, antique, vintage but my figure (or lack of one) makes certain demands too.

Opinions? Anyone? Anyone?
And in other news, I found a new website called Here are some favorites from there!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


For Valentines Day James and I cut out pictures and glued them to cardboard hearts.
He made this one for his kindergarten teacher who likes frogs.

I can't remember to whom I gave the one on the top. I know the bottom heart with the hands and the blueberries was for Willow.

These two I made for my sister Becca (top) and our first cousin once removed, Hannah. Hannah's has a princess with a tiny bit of gold doily for a crown.
I forgot to take a picture of my mom's and my friend Holly's.
Happy late Valentine's Day everyone!