Wednesday, October 28, 2009

State Fair, Spelling and Silly 2 year olds!

Cute little pigs at the Texas State Fair:
Creepy four-horned goats!
James and I had a great time at the biggest state fair in the USA! No really Oprah said it was!

And we were there on the same day as her! But we didn't see her. We did see a baby giraffe, alpacas, llamas, camels, baby ducks and petted most of them too!

It's amazingly expensive. We got $20 worth of tickets and it was only enough for about 2 "rides" for the two of us. I let James go through a fun house on his own. We went into a "Snake House" and saw all manner of really long, or really lethal snakes. It was cool. We even saw a spitting Cobra (I think I always thought those were a joke). I told him we would have to do free things to fill up our time, that we couldn't much more than one or two rides. I let him pick.

He picked the ride that spins you around like you're in a pie-dish and the panel you're leaning back against slides up and there you are stranded in mid air. I would've been sick anyway so the seizure-inducing strobes, deafening heavy metal, and drug induced cgi perks! James was really scared right before it started but I told him he would love it. He did.

We wanted to go on the big Ferris Wheel known as the "Texas Star", but it was being worked on when we went by. We thought it was out for the day so we used up our tickets, then it opened. Bummer. I got James a legitimate original "Fletcher's Corny Dog" on a stick. I tried a fried Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, and we brought Mark home a fried Honey Bun. All and sundry will be amazed that I did not try the much-touted fried butter. My legs were tired and the stand that had it was on the other side of the park.

The only thing I made James do that he didn't want to do was go to the quilt exhibit. It was great but they were all up so high you had to crane your neck to look at them. Probably so people wouldn't touch them. In the same building was the butter sculpture. James was impressed. In a very cold, office-sized room was a replica of an old-fashioned bar, with a bartender, lady, fighting duo, overturned chair,table and barstools. All life size and ALL out of butter. The fact that it was all pale yellow took some of the drama out of the subject matter.

We had a wonderful time and the next day my legs hurt from walking and my shoulders hurt from carrying our backpack. As it should be.

Now for your delectation and delight, some of James' school work:

James’ spelling word sentences (spelling word is underlined)
October 6, 2009
1. The bark of the tree is brown.
2. I lock my bicke evry day.
3. I like black dogs.
4. You go back to your room!!! (exclamation points are his)
5. I pick you.
6. The clock tels time.
7. A tack keeps things up.
8. The duck qaked.
9. I sat on a rock.
10. The spark brnd my morshmelowe.
11. I stuck sum gum to the wall.
12. I work at shcool.
13. I got a check from the bake.
14. My brothr is wacky.
15. I fownd a nickel.

And also…
How to Make a Peanut
butter and Jelly
First, you need 1 peace of bred. Next, you need Jelly, peanut butter, a knife, and a plate. OK first, you need to spred the Jelly on 1 haf of the bred with a knife and the peanut butter on the athr haf then you fold the sandwich. and Finolly eat it!

Peter is lots of fun right now too! A few days ago I finished unloading the dishwasher and closed it up. Peter ran over to it and opened it up again. He pulled the top drawer out and grabbed an apple. He must've stashed it there when my back was turned.

Today he picked up an alligator-shaped chime set (yes I'm married to a band director) and said "I bring my iphone Mommy. I was so confused until I realized that he was referring to his XYlophone! I think of it as a keyboard!"

He has discovered "like", but not the first person pronoun "I". So it's"

Me like Elmo Mommy! Me like this. Me like you Mommy (my favorite), Me like James. Me like big red dog. Me like gummy fruits, and sometimes of course Me NO like this. But not as often as you might think.

I have really really missed the internet. Our modem has been broken and it took about two weeks for a new one to be delivered. I've like to gone crazy! So I'm back on now, and hopefully mostly sane.