Monday, July 23, 2012

Fan Family Fun

There's a post on Pinterest of a little boy inside a sheet tent inflated by a fan! When my 5 yr old asked if I could make him a tent I thought lets do this!

It was great fun for about 5 minutes of three sons. Oh well. Maybe with its a cumulative thing. Maybe 1 son would be amused for 15 minutes, or 15 sons for 1 minute. You get the idea.

Here are some tips!
1. Doing it on the bed help because you can tuck in the sheet under the mattress
2. I had two sides held down and one side open for crawling in (entrance was directly across from the fan), and one side for the fan.
3. The fan needs to be uncovered at the back for airflow.

4. Inflation is more successful when the sheet on either side of the fan is tucked in clipped, or held down in some way. (I used some binder clips and pillows)

5. Lots of different things can be used to keep the sheet edges down, a folded comforter, throw pillows, toys, books, stuffed animals. Think like a kid!
6. The entrance across from the fan seemed to work just fine without being tied or clipped down in any way.

YouTube Video

Have fun!

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