Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Jewelry Holder

Ladies have been showing this on the web, and after looking at different options (branches, drawers, nobs) this was the one I had the stuff to do! I added the mirror (it's just hung on another nail) so I can see better to put them on. It also works great when I put on mascara because I'm really nearsighted. My tips for this project:
1. Make sure you have the frame RIGHT-SIDE up when you begin tacking it down.
2. If you use upholstery staples (or normal staples) fold the lace over a few times where you intend to staple/hammer to give it added strength.
3. Hang it somewhere that the jewelry will be easy to pick up if it falls. So NOT over the dresser.
4. I used a tiny gold "cup hook" to hang a couple necklaces from. I screwed it in by hand- no pilot hole, no drill, no hammer! I only had one. Gotta get some more!
5. Lace that contrasts with the wall a little is good. You don't want to do all this work with pretty lace to have it be invisible.

I plan to add more lace if I run out of room, but I'll have to take all the jewelry off first. I found earrings I'd forgotten about and in one case matched a set whose mates and been stored in different boxes!

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