Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fairest and Fair

Here is our "Eastivity Scene!" Starting on Sunday, Jesus entered the city riding on a donkey. Our figurine wouldn't ride his donkey. The people laid down palms and their coats for Jesus. He went to the Temple. You can see the people ready to sell sheep and stuff. And he cleaned it out!
The next day he cursed the fruitless fig tree as a symbol of the Temple empty of prayer and praise. So the last picture is Jesus happy because we filled up the temple with fruit: things we praise God for! I didn't take pictures of it, but the boys also decorated the two greatest commandments (the Diamond Rule, and the Golden Rule) because Jesus quoted them during this visit to the Temple.

We took a sort of break on the Holy Week Activities on Tuesday because Jesus was teaching end-times things in the temple. Just a little over our heads this year. We will start back up
on Wednesday with Judas going to the Pharisees, and anything else that happened on Wednesday.

And finally, here are some pictures of the Boyscout Fair! You can see pictures of James learning to fold The Flag, crossing a log bridge, climbing a rockwall, making rope, and driving a Lego Robot. Peter got to twist James' rope a little, they ate lunch under a makeshift stroller/chair/blankey tent, got to shoot rubber band guns, and make a 2x4 trail through a "jungle." My Cub Scout had a great time, and Pete and Phillip did well too!