Monday, November 30, 2009

All Hands On Deck The Halls

I wonder how many artists dream in color? I wonder if dreaming in color is more common to certain groups of people? A random yoga website said that "scientists say" we dream in color 80% of the time. No idea where they got that number. WikiAnswers had man-off-the-street entries saying all manner of things. The hardest part seems to be remembering whether you dreamt in color or not.

I personally have really vivid dreams, with very romantic plots (surprising I know) with very detailed clothing. At least, I notice all the details in my dreams. For example once I dreamt of a woman in a silk stormy-gray-blue dress (long sleeves and hem), with an overdress of golden lace!

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (just under a week ago) I literally dreamed up a craft! I woke up knowing each of the steps, and just what materials I needed. I had been trying to think of a craft that could reflect each of the Waxler grandchildren, and be homemade, and small. I was trying to think of something I could do with hands - to show the kids handsizes at their respective ages. Well I woke up with a solution so I'm going to share it with ya'll!

Hand Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Merry Christmas!