Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Date Night Blouse

I've hit my annual new year Sewing-Fever. So I went to my stash and found this great polka dot fabric. I always have turquoise/aqua on hand because it's my favorite color to wear. This is the 4th top I've made using my standby NewLook pattern, but its the first time I've done it without sleeves.Peter snuck in for the end of my photo shoot in the bathroom. So tried to take picture of him in his new haircut....there he goes!

So anyway, I barely had enough fabric for the thing so the yoke sags a little (no lining), and the inside has some rough edges.
But on the whole I'm pleased.
I like it best with the sweater.
After the "'shoot", Pete had an idea for a recipe. While I was downloading pics he got out the ingredients - scaring me to death...but the result was ok.

gummy snacks
baby carrots
He ate it all up!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Christmas Stuff

These are the felt cupcakes I made my nephew and niece for Christmas. There are about a billion cupcake tutorials out there, like here, and a really sophisticated one here and did I use any of them? No, I didn't because I don't have a printer to print up anything. So as a result they have sort of drunken sailor early in the morning look about them. The thing that I did that's new, that I haven't seen before is simple - I didn't! No I haven't just gone crazy...I DIDN'T do something that I've seen everyone else do as the finishing touch - sew on the decorations. I cut out circles, squares, stars, spirals and one "drizzle glaze" splotch, and then put them in a baggie. Now they can be rearranged in different combinations. As an added bonus, they can be scattered all over my sister's living room floor for a post-ticker-tape parade effect! Go check out these adorable sister and my so talented sister here!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stitchin' Time

This is an embroidery I made up to go with some chinese food I delivered to a friend with a new baby. I said that I was bringing egg rolls and we got to talking about chinese food we love. Then she mentioned that her husband loves crab rangoons. It was super easy to do, all backstitch with a couple of french knots. I did it on a flour-sack towel. I was inspired by the Pleasant Kitchen Towels on Posie Gets Cozy (they can be downloaded from a sidebar). I'm making those too! Here's Sunday:

Monday, January 17, 2011

We had a ton-ton of fun!

Annoyingly I've just realized that I didn't take pictures of most of the things I made for Christmas! I'm going to have to get my sisters and mom to take pictures of themselves with their stuff so I can post it.
And post it I will because I'm superproud to have done all this AND given birth in 2010
Fortunately my absolute FAVORITE gift is the one I did take pictures of. The idea came from a conversation between myself, my dad, and my 8-yr old son about the amazing bantha craft and the adorable jawa doll softie.
We were trying to think of a worthy addition to the world of do-it-yourself geekery.
So without further ado....
Here are two of the ton-tons I made for my dad and two brothers-in-law. I'm planning on posting the ton-tons as either a downloadable pdf or maybe even a pattern you purchase on etsy as soon as I can. As you can see from the pictures, their guts are spilling out as they did in "Empire Strikes Back" when Han Solo cuts one open to save Luke from hypothermia. There is a pocket within the "guts" so you can hide Luke in there. Or if you can't find the right Luke, just hide candy! (That's what we did) The legs and tail are weighted so they can stand up next to your computer or your linux penquin or whatever.