Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Date Night Blouse

I've hit my annual new year Sewing-Fever. So I went to my stash and found this great polka dot fabric. I always have turquoise/aqua on hand because it's my favorite color to wear. This is the 4th top I've made using my standby NewLook pattern, but its the first time I've done it without sleeves.Peter snuck in for the end of my photo shoot in the bathroom. So tried to take picture of him in his new haircut....there he goes!

So anyway, I barely had enough fabric for the thing so the yoke sags a little (no lining), and the inside has some rough edges.
But on the whole I'm pleased.
I like it best with the sweater.
After the "'shoot", Pete had an idea for a recipe. While I was downloading pics he got out the ingredients - scaring me to death...but the result was ok.

gummy snacks
baby carrots
He ate it all up!


  1. It's so cute Lissa! I love the ruffles! I think I like it best with the sweater too, so sweet looking. Then again, I'm cold. :) I'm definitely going to commission one eventually!

    I don't think the yoke looks too saggy. You can probably see more...from above. ;)

    Peter's face at the end here looks JUST like James!

  2. That's exactly what I was going to say....Peter looks JUST like James in that last picture!!! Also, your blouse is wonderful!....very cute! Did you design it? Also, you have a nice neck!!!:) Peter, Silas and James made a similar snack while they were all here. They made it in the little popcorn boxes...which made it real special! Love you! Mom