Friday, March 25, 2011

Ice Cream and Dinosaurs

Good morning friends!

I’ve been working on a shirt for Peter this week. Sewing on the sewing machine is so soothing to me. It helped me slide into this week. Last week I had so much fun with my sister and mom in town for Spring Break. We did so much! Monday however, I spent half the day in my pajamas working on this shirt for Peter.

I saw that I Am Momma was having a boy shirt contest but I thought I remembered it ending on Monday. So when I checked her site I was pleasantly surprised to see it didn’t end until Friday! So I gave it a shot.

I didn’t have anything very creative to do so I tried to just do my best on the quality and details.

I used Simplicity 7994.

Started with:

1 yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby ($3 a yard on sale!)

A brown thread that I already had and sort of coordinated

Bag of buttons from Wal-Mart ($1.50?)

And then at the end I decided to do a little hand embroidery for it – you’ll see!

I’m really proud of the sleeves this time around. I actually stitched the gathering inseam thread so I could ease it in. An elderly friend in Hillsboro had emphasized that this step keeps you from getting ugly little gathers in the sleeve or shirt body.

Dun TaDa DUN!

No ugly little gathers in anything!

And look at my cute buttons with three different color threads.

The next thing I’m rather pleased about is the button holes. My button holes always look like horrible gashes in the fabric of time. Well. Maybe that was a little dramatic, but they look bad.

But not this time!

I finally figured out the button hole feature on my machine. Woohoo!

I’m also really proud that I didn’t have to rip out a single seam. I wait for them on every project: the moment when I realize I sewed a wrong side to a right side (that’s a real duh moment too), the moment I break a needle, and the moment I realize my bobbin ran out of thread way at the beginning of the seam.

None of that happened this time!


Here’s Pete mugging for the camera. Isn’t he beautiful?

And here’s the baby I was holding in my lap while I took pictures. Not his best moment, but he was very good and happy the whole time.

Now as a reward, I'm going to go buy some BlueBell Homemade Vanilla!

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