Friday, August 3, 2012

Hidden Pride

Nope not a spritual post. Just a post about my newly organized under-the-kitchen-sink cabinet. I'm very happy that this spot is clean because it creeps me out. It used to have extra egg cartons and newspapers and all manner of junk literally tossed in there. I pulled it all out Wednesday night and of course FORGOT to take a before picture. But now it looks great so let's focus on that.

These bins were in the Target dollar section and they REALLY were a dollar! (sometimes they sneak in some 2.50 stuff in there)

My categories:
Everyday Cleaning
Baby Wipes Stuff (for making my own)
Special Cleaning
Bug Killing
Rubber Gloves

In the back I put a turn-table that wouldn't fit anywhere else in the kitchen. It works fab here.

It holds my SPRAYPAINT! Yay! Underneath are the wood stains and small cans of paint. Ignore the ugly pipe. It was really important to me to have a place for this huge vase. It webt in first.

These labels are so people know where to put things BACK.

It's all in there! Or as my Spanish teacher used to say "Prego." (which was wierd because that's a spaghetti sauce!)
And I owe it ALL to

Here's how the boys finished up the day yesterday!
Maybe I can organize the back porch soon.

Ciao! Hasta la vista!