Friday, August 24, 2012

Under and Over and In Between

This is a post to remind me how much I've accomplished this summer. Do you ever get to the end of the summer and look back and think - I didn't get anything DONE! Not the Did-We -Do ANYTHING-fun-with-the-KIDS? post, that'll be another day.
Here goes!
 I organized underneath my Master bathroom sink. See that drawer in the middle? It's completely empty. It's for when company comes and I want to swipe everything off the counter really quick. Yeah I roll like that.
The categories I ended up with were: Feminine, Skin&Hair, BlowDryer (dangling from a command hook on the door itself), Razors, CommandStrips, Cleaners, InternalCleansing, ExtraHardware (basically shower curtain rings) Isn't it great! I never would've thought you could actually know what was under your sink. Really. I didn't.
 This is the Master Bathroom linen closet. Yep. I know. No linens in there. Well, actually there's one teensy stack of towels and handtowels on the second shelf from the top. But that's it. Everything else used to live under my bed - all my craft stuff. I used to have to move laundry that spilled out of the basket and my husbands shoes, pull out a big heavy under-bed box and THEN I could grab the craft foam, stickers, or acrylic paint. But NOW it's just behind one door! Those are my gift bows hanging in the grocery bag on the door, and above it is my 25 year old lap desk! Here are the categories in here: toilet paper, health&vitamins, stockingstuffers, towels, handtowels, partysupplies, woodenthings (to paint), stickers, gluesticks, craftscissors, those melty-bead-thingeys, small bottles of acrylic paint. Hurray! On to the Real Linen Closet...
 The Linen and Medicine Closet: Pillowcases and Sheets are the 2 shelves at the top. You can only see one. Then there's: Misc, Allergy, Intestinal, Cough, Applicators, Band-Aids, Fever, Samples, Bandage, Thermometer, OutdoorMeds, Sunblock&Bugspray, Bathtowels, Handtowels, Beachtowels, Hoodedtowels (Am I getting a little OCD?), and Bathmats in a bin at the very bottom. It seems silly to be telling the blog-world all my little categories, but I know that when I was trying to figure out how to organize these spaces (because I'm so horrible at it) I read every single little family/mom-blog about their cabinets as well as all the fancier sponsored ladies (who are excellent!). Also I must say that I think part of the reason I was able to do this was that I was on some really strong Amoxycillin, and Ibuprofen, and using an inhaler and one other medicine for my pnuemonia. I had some wonderful ideas for a novel too!

 This is a well in El Salvador. No I didn't do this all by myself of course...but this is something that was hard work and I'm extremely extremely proud to have been a part of it. Thank you Living Water, and thanks Lord for letting us come play!

and you can't have a frippery without a little cuteness...
I love this mellow little man.
Doesn't he look like a superhero in those glasses?
We start school on Monday! One in public kinder, and one at home doing 5th grade (mostly). This is my last baby that's not in school (sniff sniff). Come to think of it - what's he doing right now? Hey, he's messing with the sewing machine! Gotta go!

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