Monday, July 13, 2009

Gettin' my blog legs back

Peter has started coming up to me saying "juice ball." It used to be just "ball." What he said when he wanted a grape. But now he's modified it to juice ball. I think that's pretty smart.

Mark discovered You have to be careful, but some of their spoofs are hysterical!
My favorites are:
Web Site Story
Slumdog Price is Right
Tv Show Song

I said goodbye to some kids leaving using this farewell today and when I shut the door Mark started laughing!

Today we (me and the boys) went to Lake Lewisville. I didn't realize it was only $3 a vehicle for residents! We're gonna go a lot more. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than the Lewisville Waterpark...but it's the Lake!
Peter was not happy with the water.
You'd think I was torturing him.
The whole first segment that we were in the water. Which by obvious necessity became a shorter period than it would otherwise have been. After the torture session we went to the playground (not too far, luckily). After the playground we had our pb&j sandwiches back on our blanket and then went into the water again. We were blessed to have a great big cottonwood (the same kind as in our front yard in Pflugerville) shading the area all around our picnic table, so after swimming a little more I laid Peter down in the shade and he snuggled under a blanket (about 1pm). Then we came home!

In other news! We are starting our own used furniture store!
No not really.
But it feels like it.
In James and Peter's room there is currently (ahem):
Beds: 4 (if you count the bunk beds as two)
Tables: 2 (desk and "side")
Dressers/Drawers: 2 (large wood and small plastic)
Bookshelf: 1

I know this is all terribly fascinating for you but I am merely making the somewhat obvious point that there is too much furniture in their room.
The question is, having availed ourselves of Craigslist (original and modified by Corrie-advice) and of Ebay (twice once with reduced price) do we keep trying to sell the bed suite that we don't really need, or do we find a way to store it (heaven help us).
Heard from James in the bathtub tonight.
"Mom you know the octopus with the suction cups on it?" [a toy]
"They don't taste good."
"How do you know that?" (I say laughing)
"I chewed on 'em"
Currently on the Wii,
Grandfather is on the clarinet, Mark French horn, Granny on bassoon, and James is conducting!
I know none of this is very interesting, but I haven't blogged in so long that I really feel I just need to get my hand back in.


  1. It sounds as if you are having a really fun summer, Lissa! Welcome back!

  2. Okay, I was rolling with the random topics, but when I got to James tasting the bath tub octopus I just burst out laughing. I've had a long several weeks with 6 week - 2 year olds.

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