Friday, August 14, 2009

small miracles

I am so excited about tomorrow!
We are going to Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glen Rose TX. Mark, who is admittedly not an outdoors person, has consented to go and be in an un-air-conditioned environment for (the plan is) 12 hours! This state park is really cool because there are a lot of dinosaur tracks in the riverbeds that surround the park. I say riverbeds because here in Texas natural rivers are a seasonal thing. We are hoping there will be actual rivers at the state park while we are there. If there are, they will be the Paluxy and Brazos rivers.
Also there are two life-sized dinosaur models that tower over the wilted Texas grass. So you will soon be seeing pictures of us with a T-rex, and an Apatosaurus.

In other exciting news, Peter took his nap in a grown-up bed today. He's been begging and beggin to get to sleep in a big bed like his brother, and now that we have bunk beds - things have really come to a head. I'm sort of giving into tantrums, but since his object is a "growing up" one I don't mind so much.
Just like if he throws a fit about getting a safe and responsible summer job - I'll give in.

So I tucked him in about 12:45 and he stayed in the bed, and was actually asleep by 1:05 when I checked on him!

It was not like this with James.
In short, I'm astounded.

So the cribs days are numbered...and our closet can look forward to having yet another "big ticket item" stored in it that we can't part with.
Of course we can't get rid of the crib! We'll use it again when we have a little girl!
I plan to keep the crib until Peter really gets the hang of sleeping in the bed. As yet, he hasn't tried to get out of bed because it's so cool. But when that happens it'll be "BACK TO THE CRIB WITH YOU!"

Tonight Dad and Mark are going to a Rangers vs Red Sox game. They are very excited because these teams are (apparently) battling it out for the play-offs. I have high hopes for the Rangers because, as they say, things always come in threes!

Almost done now.
Just want everyone to know that I'm quite pleased with David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, in short, I like it.

Sweet dreams!

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  1. wow! asleep in 20 minutes is pretty good! (especially if you get to walk away. 20 minutes patting a bottom is not so good.) Don't get rid of the crib! Everything comes in threes. :D ;)