Wednesday, June 3, 2009

James: What do cows say when they are confused?
Me: What?
James: I'm so confooooooooooooosed!

Me: Can you say Granny?
Peter: Manman.
Me: Can you say Grandfather?
Peter: no.

Me: Ok Peter let's change your diaper!
Peter: playground?
Me: No, diaper, then lunch!
Peter: playground?
Me: No. Lunch!
Peter: playground?
Me: No.
Peter: (sigh) playground.

And sometimes on our way to the car:

Quotes from Becca's wedding preparations:

Becca (to Robert): Which of these pink roses is the most masculine?

Becca (to Lissa): I had a whole lot to say about you.

Holly(to Lissa - something I never thought to hear her say):
I'm going to buy a whole bunch of tulle.

Becca (about the groomsmen): Oh, they're off in the woods somewhere.

James in his "Super Cleaning Gear" with snowboots (no we didn't use them in Texas, we had to go to New Mexico to use them) and goggles!


  1. Ah, the playground.... Simultaneously bane and blessing.

  2. Cute! Cute! And I think we might let Silas off with 'Grandpa' instead of grandfather, if you want to switch with Peter. Since Silas barely got 'dada' and 'mom' down, I think grandfather is just too hard! :-)