Monday, June 1, 2009

Corn Syrup and Potholders

If you accidentally drop a potholder while trying to take a roast (or something) out of the oven, and it falls all the way down to the heating element, it will ignite and begin to burn. Just get your tongs and grab it out. Throw it directly into the trash. Get your seven year old to learn to make them and make you a new one since you had that one since you in fifth grade and lets face it the homemade kind are way more durable than the ones you get as wedding gifts.

If you bring a squirt bottle to a baseball game ( you were planning to take your sisters advice and use it to cool off your children) it is possible your two-year-old will get hold of it and squirt himself for the next 30 minutes. In this way he will keep himself cool and amused. He may also eliminate the need for a bath that night!

If your almost two-year-old manages to reach up on the counter and grab an opened snack cup of mandarin oranges that you are about to give're gonna need to scrub the corn syrup off the floor. The swiffer wet jet will leave it sticky. Even if you give it all day - it will still be sticky.

A recent painting of mine. This photo makes it look grayer than it is. I painted it on white paper!

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  1. nice post ;-). The mopping issue is good to know.