Monday, October 18, 2010


Granny came to visit us this weekend!
I had asked her to help James complete one of the requirements for his Bear Cub Scout Badge, so she came prepared to help him build....


(I've just realized there's not a good "all finished pic" - but I have a headache and you can see it in the last picture - sort of)

He was super-proud to take it to his Den Meeting tonight. I was worried that the event would not meet up to the expectation. But all the boys were really impressed, and looked and looked at our pictures and the tools and asked questions. James got to do a little talk on what each tool was, and impressed them even more when he told them, they were all HIS!

Thank you so much Granny.
You are amazing.
You are super-cool.

Love you,


  1. WOW! That's is sooo cool! Actually, when Mom was explaining it to me, i thought she said PETER did this project. I was listening in complete horror until she said it was for a Cub Scout project and then I realized it was James. Please tell him I'm super-impressed!

  2. Very cool! It looks really really sharp. Not like the wobbly projects they show in movies. Also, the stain makes it look extra polished.

    Corrie - LOL. Lissa - gotta love your son's fauxhawk. I'm guessing he's at the HarryPotter-uncooperatively-thick-hair stage?