Thursday, September 23, 2010

What the..?

Every time I have moved, there has been a moment of Why? Not why am I moving (well that happens too but in this case - not). Let's just get to it.

Moving out of Cuero: Helper - Corrie (and by helper, I mean the person who made it happen) unearths my collection of styrofoam egg cartons hiding atop the refrigerator. I don't know why I kept them, they always seemed on the verge of being helpful. We didn't have internet at home back then or maybe they really could have been.

Moving out of Hillsboro: Among lots of Helpers - Holly asks "Why do you have four jars of peanut butter? And they've all been opened?" (The problem there was that I had a ridiculously skinny pantry that was really deep. I could barely touch the back with one arm stuck in and my head pressing against the jamb. They simply got lost in there.)

Moving in to Houston: (less embarassing this time, or maybe everyone was too nice to mention it) I find no less that three boxes of swiffer wet-jet pads. And yes they've all been opened. I don't know how I ended up with three! One of the boxes got smashed and hidden under the stroller in my trunk. The other two...just wanderers I guess.

Does anyone else have this problem? I don't know why this happens - but I think I'm getting a little better every time.


  1. I totally feel you. I am an egg carton, glass jar, any scrap of paper or cloth or ribbon - saver. I think Mom saved that kind of stuff because we actually USED it. Either because she had 24 years of school projects waiting to happen or because we were crafty and liked to make stuff. (I remember when I was stuck on Tape as the best substance ever, and made an entire doll bed out of nothing but paper and scotch tape. I guess I was just ahead of the duct tape era)
    As for the peanut butter and such, I haven't done that recently (thanks to Robert). I did once ask mom why we had 4 boxes of frosted flakes (but no cereal I actually ate) in the pantry in high school.

  2. I too, had a Hillsboro pantry--in Dallas, no less. I forget how many cans of chickpeas I discovered when I moved, but there were AT LEAST five. It was a black hole.
    I currently am accidentally hoarding egg cartons. I keep meaning to return them to the wonderful farmers around here, but at this rate I could start my own egg business.
    I also like unmarked cardboard.
    I'd better stop typing--I'm beginning to scare myself.

  3. Oh you made me laugh Rachel! You can do it! Return those cartons. I believe in you! (appropriately soulful music swells)

  4. Lol! I'm so glad you're back online Lissa, I miss your quirky posts! Nathan discovered my trove of diaper boxes the other day. He was like, "Woah, when did we collect 30 pampers boxes behind the fridge?" Only this was after we moved, so not very helpful.