Friday, April 2, 2010

Bib Business

Thank you everyone for your advice and encouragement after my last (rather emotional) blog. I really appreciate all three or so of you!

Today my mother came over and together, she and I sewed about a million bibs. I got them started and she did all the pretty finishing. I had the easy part. Okay we didn't really make a million. We made around 3 dozen, I know - splitting hairs there. What with each of us taking a trip to the fabric store (literally across the street!), one toddler, one laughable small dog in heat, and one second grader who got sick and had to come home early from school, it was a fun-filled day. One very bored Iowan who shall be nameless also called us once or twice (each).

My motivation for this business had been waning steadily, I kept thinking: "other people are going to do this better, why would anyone want to buy mine?" But having Mom here really pepped me up. Now I keep thinking...she always has these great ideas right before everyone else, maybe we can hit the wave as it's rising instead of falling. We'll give it a shot anyway.

Peter is learning the power of the Wheedle. He knows that a smile can get him 80% of what he wants, "pleeeeeeeease Mom?" adds on another 5%, and running to hug me right before he asks is a solid 10% odd's increase. We came home from Wally-world with crazy straws, and new markers for him for no good reason at all on Wednesday.
Now because this is my blog, and I am under no oblogation to be interesting, here is our dinner schedule as of late.

Wednesday: Tostadas with refried beans and cheese
Thursday: Little Caesars Pizza
Friday (tomorrow): Beef Fajitas
Saturday: Corrie's gluten-free chicken enchiladas which everyone except Peter absolutely loves.
Sunday: TBA (hopefully something Asian, because I think I'm all Mexicaned out)

Drumroll please......

Here are some pics of the new improved (sniff sniff sniff) Peter!


  1. Oh, my goodness. The haircut is so cute!

  2. ohhhhh! I miss Peter! I love the apron picture! *sniff sniff*

  3. Peter looks so cute! I really like it. I know he looks older, but I think it's in a good way! :-)

  4. How cute is he! Don't hate me... but I think I like the short hair better. Before, you just saw his beautiful curls right away, but now you see his adorable little self! Too cute.