Friday, May 15, 2009

Sayings of James:

"Mom, guess what. "
"I'm a taco. You want to know why?"

"Because I tacolot!"
"You sure do."

"Mom, mountains don't have bathrooms so they have to pee in their pants!"

Sayings of Peter:

[translation: "playground? playground? playground?"]


"mo chiss?"
["more cheese?"]

Two days ago Peter ran up to me leaned over my shoulder (I was sitting on the floor), put his arms around me and whispered in my ear "playground" and ran away. His version of subliminal messaging.

I'm working on convincing James that I'm sporadically a mind reader. I've told him it doesn't work all the time. I think it's working. (Evil laughter...fade out)

My lingerie party dress...


The dress I made for a lingerie party (that's better) came out pretty well! I put a belt around it so it wouldn't look like lingerie for Doris Day. I edged the neck and armholes with picot ribbon (the kind with little loops). If they would keep laying down like I want them too, they'd be a really cool detail.


  1. Tacolot! I like that. I love your dress too! Very cool. I can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!

  2. What a pretty dress! And I'm so impressed that your young son has figuredout the purpose, if not the correct method, ofsubliminal messages.