Friday, April 10, 2009


As of this very moment I'm enjoying the delirious activities of my feverish toddler (101.6 down from 102.8). He's throwing blank copier paper all over the floor (we're letting him). Previously, I enjoyed watching him lick a book (The Ugly Duckling). Now he's hopping to and fro on his papers. I can tell his fever is going down because he's up and about. That's nice.

Crazy Quote of the week: (not that I intend to do this weekly...
"James, pull your pants up before you try to walk."

Earlier this evening we had the privilege of joining a family for their first ever (annual?) Passover meal. Also called "Pesach". Never been apart of that before. It was a bit hectic with a 1:1 kid to adult ratio.

"Please I don't want to eat purple cauliflower!"

The cauliflower, incidentally, tasted rather good. Much better than I remember from my childhood. I think I like it overcooked (the hostess said she overcooked it). However it looked like some sort of cancerous growth removed from Barney.
"Don't you want to taste the parsley dipped in saltwater?"

James just shakes his head. Shake, shake shake shake shake shake.

It was hard to get down. I really had to chew it into bits before I could wash it down with water. Felt like I was eating clover.

With Peter in the throes of his fever, and having to mind the matzo ball soup, which I forgot to prepare ahead of time, I sort of missed all the wonderful tie-ins between the Lamb of the Passover, and the Lamb of God.

But here's the thing.

Little children, feverish or not, plenty of them to go around - they are a blessing from the Lord. We'll do better next year, but I think God is pleased to have his little "goy" children learning a tradition from his chosen people. The passover is a symbol of our salvation through Jesus, and that happens to people in the midst of their hectic lives, not when everything is reverent, and quiet, and picturesque. For us tonight, the reverence was in our hearts, if perhaps, not in our ears.


  1. Ouch, sorry about that Lissa. Clover eh?


  2. To be honest I've never tasted clover, but it tasted very "fieldy".
    Also we found out Peter had an ear infection. Poor kid. I was just glad it wasn't contagious.